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Southwest Safe Shelter is a FREE safe place to stay for up to 4 weeks for women and their children who are leaving an abusive situation.

We provide:

  • a confidential, comfortable, secure, home-like environment

  • 24 hour staff available to provide support, information and referrals

  • practical assistance

  • necessary items for your stay, including toiletries, food, bedding, and clothing

  • Animal Safekeeping Program - a partnership between the Swift Current SPCA and SWCS. This program temporarily places pets with anonymous families while their owners leave situations of  interpersonal violence and re-establish themselves. Foster families undergo security checks, training and are supported by the SPCA .  Please contact the shelter for more information.  


Contact SWCS at (306) 778-3386

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can stay at Southwest Safe Shelter?
Women experiencing or are at risk of abuse.


Do I need a referral?
No, you do not need an outside referral, you can make the call yourself. However, women are also referred to us by many different agencies such as police, hospitals, social services, churches, friends and family members.


What if I have no way to get there?
Emergency transportation may be provided.


What if the Shelter is full?
If the Southwest Safe Shelter is full, we will place your name on a waiting list. If you are in immediate need, we will refer you to the closest shelter that has available space.


Do I have to pay to stay?
No, you do not. You will also receive meals, emergency clothing and toiletries at no cost to you.


Will people know I am staying at the Shelter?
No. Information about women and children who stay here is confidential. No information will be given out, unless you agree and sign a release form or if required by the law.


How long can I stay?
Maximum stays at the Safe Shelter are 4 to 6 weeks.


What is the Shelter like?
Southwest Safe Shelter looks very much like the other homes around it. It is a five bedroom house with a kitchen, dining room and a family room. There is a back yard and play area for children. The security features of the house ensure the comfort and safety of families.


What will happen when I get there?
When you arrive, staff will conduct a short interview. You will be asked to give a brief summary of your situation, any important medical conditions, emergency contact numbers, abuser description and who you would like to be able to contact you. You will get a quick tour of the house, and be shown to your room. The staff will be available to talk or provide any necessary assistance.


Will I be able to continue at my job and have my children at school?
Yes, as long as you feel safe doing so. The Shelter staff will help you make the arrangements.


What should I bring with me?
If possible, please bring all important identification and papers for yourself and your children.


What about my pets or livestock? 

 Check out the ASK Program here.

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