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ASK Program

(Animal Safe Keeping)

The ASK Program is a partnership between the Swift Current SPCA, Saskatchewan SPCA and SWCS. Each of these agencies recognize that animal abuse and interpersonal violence often go hand in hand.  This program temporarily places pets with anonymous foster families while their owners leave situations of  interpersonal violence and re-establish themselves. Foster families are supported and trained by the SPCA.  Please contact SWCS for more information.  


Contact SWCS at (306) 778-3386

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't my pet stay with me at SWCS?

Unfortunately, our facility is not currently set up to accommodate pets, but we have this amazing partnership to ensure that both you and your pet are safe.  The Swift Current SPCA will try to send updates on how your pet is doing in foster care.

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need an outside referral, you can make the call yourself. However, women are also referred to us by many different agencies such as police, hospitals, social services, churches, friends and family members.


Are there any costs to me when my pet is in Foster Care?

If you cannot support your pet during this transition period, the Swift Current SPCA will help with expenses by asking for donations from the general public.


Will anyone know where my pet is staying?

No. Information about your pet is confidential.  This is for the safety of you, your pet and the foster family.  These families have undergone extensive security checks to ensure that your pets are safe and taken care of while you are at the shelter. 

How long can my pet stay?

We will make arrangements for your pet for as long as you are in the shelter.


What will happen when I get there?

The staff at SWCS will guide you through the process. 

What should I bring with me?
If possible, please bring all important identification and papers for your pet.  This should include proof of ownership, vaccinations and any health information.   Medications, a small amount of food, collar, leash and some security items such as a blanket or toy may be comforting to your pet.

What about my livestock? 

Please call us and we will try to work towards a solution.    

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