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Hiding Your Online Tracks

The safest way to find information on the internet, would be at a local library, a friend's house, or at work.
Delete the history on your computer browser so your abuser cannot tell which websites you have been on.  It's best to do an internet search to find out exactly how to do this for each browser.
IMPORTANT: If you're reading this YOUR ABUSER ALREADY CAN SEE YOU'VE BEEN TO OUR SITE unless you started browsing using a mode listed below.

Many browsers have modes you can use which will not track your activity. It's important to note that activity is only hidden AFTER you enable these modes, and only for as long as you're browsing. Once you close your browser window you then have to re-enable these modes if you want to browse more. Here is what they are called in some browsers:

  • Google Chrome - Incognito (available in the File menu as "New Incognito Window")

  • Safari - Private Browsing (available in the Safari menu as "Private Browsing...")

  • Firefox - Private Window (available in the File menu as "New Private Window")

  • Internet Explorer - InPrivate Browsing (available in the Safety menu as "InPrivate Browsing")

If you're using a tablet or cell phone, your abuser can still access your browsing history. Many mobile browsers also have private settings. If you're unsure how to enable them, do a quick search for "private browsing on my (type of tablet or phone)".

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