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This “Thank You Page” is dedicated to the generous funding, donors, fundraisers and charity sponsors 

who continue to empower our organization and the women, children and families in our care!

Just to name a few...

Regional Supporters

We want to thank our supporters who see our work as important in South West Saskatchewan and consistently help us along the way with monetary donations and support with items needed at the shelter throughout the year.

Generous Seasonal Donations
We wish to extend sincere thanks to our Community Champions who give so generously during special times of the year.
We also thank the many groups, businesses and individuals who have provided practical donations, toys, gifts, food donations and monetary contributions this month. Your caring made a huge difference in many lives this last year!




The Community Initiatives Fund contributes to the quality of life of Saskatchewan’s residents by providing grants for programs supporting healthy growth and development of children and youth, individual and community wellbeing, and nonprofit and community leadership.

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